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Why choose always fruits

Always Fruits Only offers a wide selection of beautifully presented boxed gift baskets of premium quality fruit.
AlwaysFruits gifts are presented in the exclusive Fruit Only Basket, made from environmentally friendly cardboard, designed to deliver your order easily and conveniently whilst protecting your orchard-fresh fruit.
Delivering throughout Sydney Always Fruits Only offers the best seasonal fruit - an ideal corporate or personal gift. There is no magic in fruit. What we do is create a sensible basic mix of fruit, perfect for the office and easy on the budget.
Our fruit is bought daily to a meet your "box price". This means that we will look for the very best of what's available on the day. The offerings may vary from delivery to delivery and is very much dependant on what's in season, but that's what you should have…..crisp, beautiful, seasonal fruit that's well priced.

Home grown

Because our fruit is locally grown it doesn't have far to travel - so we can deliver it fresh, and in premium condition, just as nature intended it! And we love to help keep funds in our beautiful state by supporting local farmers. We're proud to source the freshest fruit from local and specialised farmers, using a rigorous selection process to ensure you always receive a choice of the season's very best.

100% guarantee

We're committed to quality that starts with the fruit we select and ends only when you're completely satisfied with your order. If ever there is a problem or you are unhappy with your order, we will issue you a credit or replace the damaged fruit the same day or as soon as possible. We stand by our promise of exceptional service and produce quality. 100% guaranteed.

Peachy prices

Our fruit is competitively priced and starts from just $30.00. Whatever your budget, we'll provide fruit to suit and, given the quality of our fruit, we always offer extraordinary value for money. Want a more competitive quote? We promise to give you one.*

Free delivery

We deliver your fruit, regardless of quantity, free to your door. If your order is large we'll package it to suit and distribute it across your workplace or building locations at no extra cost. By making regular deliveries we are table to keep our prices low for you, while still offering the highest quality fruit and customer service.

Environmentally friendly

AlwaysFruits is a member of The National Sustainable Business Network, and as part of our sustainable business practices, we use eco-friendly boxes. Our specially designed boxes are made from post-consumer recycled cardboard and can be easily flattened ready for collection by our friendly and reliable staff for re-use. We also operate an eco-delivery route minimising the duplication of van routes for environmental purposes.

Seasonal selections

We offer a great range of fruit so you can easily tailor your order to suit all tastes. Regular specials of more exotic or unusual fruit, or seasonal favourites are also available to order, with all profits donated to charities.
Talk to us and we can tailor a package to suit the size, preferences and budget of your organisation. We don't even ask for a contract. Don't wait any longer to make your workplace are more healthy place... start getting fruit delivered today.